Pedal to a New Frontier

At bossini.X, we see cycling as more than just a sport; cycling is a lifestyle. Whether you are navigating city streets, pushing your boundaries in training, or competing at a professional level, our premium cycling apparel has you covered.

Our venture into cycling apparel reflects a broader trend sweeping through the fashion world. Cycling apparel has transcended its traditional role as performance wear to become a symbol of style, urban mobility, and eco-conscious living.

Just as bossini’s shift reflects the dynamic evolution of urban lifestyles, our collection at bossini.X embodies this ethos, catering to the modern cyclist who seeks both performance and style. From bustling cityscapes to tranquil countryside rides, our apparel empowers cyclists to embrace their passions and strive towards their goals.

Our collection at bossini.X embodies this fusion of style and functionality. Whether you are tackling the urban jungle during your daily commute, dialing up the intensity in training sessions, or leisurely cruising through scenic routes, our gear seamlessly integrates performance-driven features with sleek, contemporary aesthetics.

Join us as we pedal towards a brighter, more sustainable future—one revolution at a time.

bossini.X is located at 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction #02-16, Singapore 188021

Gear up, ride out, and experience the thrill of cycling like never before. Check out our latest spring launch for the new season here!

Our collection features cycling apparel for both men and women across three categories, catering to all levels of cycling, on and off bike:

Lifestyle Training Pro
Everyday Navigation Performance Wear Racing Apparel
For those who love cycling as a lifestyle choice, whether it is commuting to work or leisurely weekend rides. Our lifestyle range combines comfort, style, and functionality, seamlessly transitioning from the saddle to the street.


Designed for serious cyclists who demand performance-enhancing gear for their training sessions. Our training apparel features advanced fabrics and ergonomic designs to maximise comfort and efficiency, helping you push your limits and reach new heights. Engineered for competitive cyclists who demand nothing but the best. Our pro-level apparel is designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional racing. From race-ready jerseys to aerodynamic bib shorts, our pro range is built for podium-worthy performance.